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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During a New England Winter on a Budget

Easy, economical tips on warmth maximization.

If you live in New England, heating expenses probably have a major impact on your budget. Many people pay around $700 to $2,200 for fuel each year, according to the state of Massachusetts. Luckily, you can find simple, affordable ways to stay warm while cutting costs.

Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

1. Remember to open your curtains or Venetian blinds during sunny days. Close them at night to prevent heat from easily escaping the room. Insulated curtains will maximize the benefits.

2. When you sleep or relax, use a hot water bottle. This simple tool warms up beds and sofas at very little expense. You can also insulate your bed with the help of flannel sheets.

3. Brew a pot of coffee. It will create warmth in multiple ways. The mug warms your hands and the beverage heats up your entire body. At the same time, a coffee maker produces enough heat and humidity to make a room feel noticeably warmer.

4. Put carpets or rugs on your floors. People lose up to one-tenth of their heat to uncovered wooden flooring. A carpet both insulates the floor and feels warmer to the touch.

5. If you have a fireplace, never keep the damper open after a fire stops producing smoke. It has the same effect as leaving a window open! Consider spending $45 on a “chimney balloon” for even greater energy savings.

6. Attach heavy-duty aluminum foil to the walls behind radiators. It will stop heat from passing through building materials and escaping the house. Foil can reflect warmth toward your living area.

7. Arrange furnishings so that they don’t block radiators or air vents. Poor placement can prevent air from circulating properly and cause some parts of a room to remain cool. If possible, keep any legless furniture away from walls with baseboard heating units.

8. Keep in mind that warm air often rises straight up if a heating device doesn’t have a fan. Think about mounting a shelf on the wall above a radiator. You could also put a small fan nearby and set it at a low speed.

9. Place clear plastic over the inside of your windows. This technique reduces heating expenses by around one-tenth to one-seventh. You can use bubble wrap for even better results, but it will prevent you from seeing outdoors.

10. Insulate the door to your attic. If it lacks insulation, significant amounts of heat will quickly rise into this unoccupied area. Make sure that the door closes tightly, and repair or replace it if necessary.

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