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Weighing the Benefits of Each Oil Maintenance Plan

Choosing the right service plan to keep your home oil heating system in top shape

Anyone who’s lived in the MA and RI areas is no stranger to winter. Frigid temperatures, driving snow and inches of ice are all common and can strike any time from October to May. When you know that much cold is coming, it’s smart to have a maintenance plan in place for your home heating system.

Benefits of a Home Heating Oil Maintenance Plan

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, your furnace and other heating equipment will be regularly cleaned and inspected. This checkup catches potential problems before they become disastrous and ensures that the components are never clogged with dirt or debris. Your system will last longer as a result and maintain most of its original efficiency. Not only will your home stay warmer throughout the winter, but the unit will also last longer, use less fuel and require fewer repairs so you save money in the long run.

Perhaps most important of all when you live in a climate with harsh winters is the benefit of emergency service. Even a well-maintained oil heater will have problems now and then, and a maintenance plan ensures that someone will always be there to fix it so you’re never left out in the cold.

Plan Options and Details

Home heating maintenance plans from Dupuis Energy offer a range of coverage options. The Conservation plan is perfect if you use 500 gallons or less of fuel per year and includes:

• System safety inspection
• Annual cleaning and tune-up
• Ultrasonic tank testing for hidden damage
• Tank replacement discount
• 25% discount on parts and labor

Choosing the Premium plan gets you all of these options with the addition of “No Charge” parts and labor to repair or replace two dozen common components. If you’d like more parts and labor included in your plan, opt for Zone coverage. This amendment to the plan can also include added tank replacement coverage and protection for hot water heaters with or without tanks. All plans offer 24/7 emergency service.

If you need help deciding which plan is right for your home, contact us at Dupuis Energy. We’ll walk you through the options and give you a comprehensive picture of how our heating services can work for you.

5 Big Benefits of Heating With Oil

Reasons to stick with one of the most common home heating options

Despite the advent of alternative heating methods, oil heat continues to be the most popular choice among homeowners. If you’ve been wondering what heating system is right for you, consider these five benefits of oil.


Modern heating oil systems are between 83 and 95% efficient, meaning that most of the money you spend on oil turns into heat. Oil also burns much hotter than options such as natural gas—as much as 300 degrees hotter, meaning that you get much more warmth out of the fuel.


We offer the option of regularly scheduled fuel deliveries. Setting up a schedule with Dupuis ensures that you never run out of oil and don’t have to wait long to have your tank topped off.


Oil heating systems can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your home. You can choose forced air systems, boilers or radiators and add options such as a humidifier to keep the air from becoming dry. Since oil is safe to store, the tank may be placed just about anywhere on your property.


Oil eliminates the potential for a carbon monoxide leak. Oil doesn’t produce any harmful fumes and only combusts inside the furnace. If there is some kind of problem with your heating system, you’ll be warned far in advance of any danger by the presence of a smell, noises or visible soot.

Option for Savings

Starting off the season with a price cap program will allow you to avoid rising fuel costs throughout the winter.

At Dupuis Energy, we offer all of the services you need to get started with oil heat or to continue enjoying your current heating system. Give us a call to schedule an installation or annual tune-up along with automatic fuel delivery to ensure that your home is always warm and cozy. We provide customers all over MA and RI with quality service that can be counted on all year long.

Adding Zone Coverage to Your Oil Maintenance Plan

Understanding additional heating system coverage and how it can benefit your home

When winter comes to the Northeast, it comes with a vengeance. Is your furnace up to the task? If you’re not sure, it’s time to consider a maintenance plan for your home heating system. With a comprehensive plan that includes zone coverage, you never have to worry about whether or not your furnace is going to work when you turn it on.

What is Zone Coverage?

Zone coverage is additional coverage on top of your standard heating maintenance plan. This type of coverage is for parts and labor costs that aren’t included in the main part of the plan, usually in areas of the house outside of the main living area. At Dupuis Energy, zone coverage includes:
• Blower bearings, shaft, motor and fan belts
• Flow checks
• Back flow preventer
• Pressure relief valve
• Pressure reducing valve
• Non-programmable thermostat

Other options include extra tank replacement coverage for the furnace and parts and labor for keeping your water heater in top shape. Adding these options to your standard plan helps to ensure that all of your heating needs are covered throughout the winter.

Adding Zone Coverage

Remember that zone coverage is an additional service on top of a standard maintenance plan and therefore will cost you a bit extra. However, the investment is more than worth it when you consider the benefits of having a comprehensive plan that includes more than just the basics. The unpredictable nature of a Northeast winter can put strain on your furnace, and you want to know that it’s always going to work no matter what. Look over the zone coverage options and make sure that the details are clear before signing up for a plan, and you’ll enjoy reliable service all season long.

To set up a full-service maintenance plan for your home heating system, contact us at Dupuis Energy. We offer plans that cover all levels of oil usage to ensure that your furnace is always up to the task of keeping your home comfortable. Our services cover homes in the MA and RI area and include comprehensive zone coverage for all of your maintenance and repair needs.

Is Automatic Fuel Delivery Right for You?

The benefits of having heating fuel delivered on a regular schedule

Everything from frigid winds to mounds of snow may appear between November and April in the MA and RI areas, and the last thing you want is to run out of heating fuel in the middle of any of it. Automatic fuel delivery programs such as the one offered by Dupuis Energy take the worry out of home heating by providing guaranteed delivery throughout the season.

What is Automatic Fuel Delivery?

Choosing automatic fuel delivery means that you receive regular deliveries of heating fuel without having to call your fuel company every time you run low. Automatic fuel delivery can be set up any time.

Companies work out delivery schedules in different ways. Some simply have a dedicated delivery time while others use a more modern approach that utilizes past patterns in fuel consumption to determine the date of the next delivery.

Benefits of a Regular Fuel Delivery Schedule

Setting up automatic deliveries means never having to monitor your fuel usage or worry that you’re going to run out in the middle of the winter’s worst storm. Whether you heat only your home or also your hot water, you’ll always have the fuel that you need.

When fuel comes from nearby, you don’t have to wait long for your scheduled delivery. You’re supporting the local economy by putting money into a small business and ensuring that you’ll be able to rely on their automatic delivery services for years to come. Plus you’ll get the benefit of developing a relationship with people you can trust to take care of your home heating system should any problems arise.

To ensure that you’re never left out in the cold, contact Dupuis Energy to set up your automatic delivery service today. By tracking and assessing your regular habits of fuel consumption, our handy technology lets us know when you’ll need another delivery. We take care of all the details so you can rest assured that your home will stay warm every time you turn on the thermostat.