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Still Heating With Electricity? You Might Not Be As Green As You Think

Many people erroneously assume that electricity is the most environmentally friendly energy source while gases like propane are labeled as air pollutants. In reality, generating electricity usually requires the burning of coal, which emits 68% more greenhouse emissions than burning propane. Furthermore, propane is much more efficient at heating homes than electric power. If you want to save the environment while saving money at the same time, making the switch to propane is a no-brainer; however, there are more benefits to heating with propane than just environmental and economic costs.

Propane’s Profile

Electricity itself technically produces no emissions, but the process through which electricity is created releases dozens of contaminants into the air. In contrast, propane is recognized by the EPA as a clean burning fossil fuel, which makes the gas a popular fuel source for indoor equipment like forklifts. The primary emissions of propane are water vapor and carbon dioxide. The U.S. Energy Information Administration website can tell you everything you need to know about propane.

The Perks of Propane

Propane is less expensive: Propane water heaters recover water 200% faster than their electric counterparts, and propane furnaces can outlast electric heating pumps by five to ten years.

Propane keeps your home warmer: Propane furnaces can reach temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and release heat in brief intervals to control operating costs. Most electric pumps cannot even reach the average body temperature of 98 degrees.

Propane is safer for people and the environment: The National Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the Clean Air Act of 1990 both recognize propane as a clean alternative fuel source. Because it is stored in gas form, propane leaks do not pool to pollute the ground and water. Propane’s ignition point in open air is 940 degrees Fahrenheit, so dangerous mishaps are virtually impossible.

Propane is dependable: Since propane is stored onsite rather than delivered via wires from a power plant, propane users are unaffected by power outages from downed power lines. This can be a literal lifesaver during the cold winter months.

Expanding on our 115 year history of impeccable energy service, Dupuis Oil now supplies and services propane heating systems for MA and RI residents. Our power plans come with 24/7 customer support, and we can respond to problems much faster than large electric companies. Automatic fuel delivery, guaranteed price protection and flexible payment options make Dupuis Oil the chief provider of propane in the northeastern U.S. If you’re ready to liberate yourself from coal consuming electric companies, contact us at Dupuis Oil to make the switch to propane power today.

How Your Home is Draining Your Money – And What You Can Do About It

A Home Energy Audit Helps Improve Efficiency and Save You Money

Hidden problems could be causing your home to lose energy without you knowing it. A professional home energy audit brings these problems to light by assessing common causes of inefficiency.

What is an Energy Audit?

Energy audits take into account the construction of your home and the surrounding climate to determine how much energy it takes to cool or heat the interior during different seasons. This gives you an idea of where your money is going and what you can do to increase efficiency.

With equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras, professionals measure areas of air leakage and look for missing insulation. A measurement of your home’s R-value shows how well various materials in walls, windows and doors resist the flow of heat. An assessment of how your heating and cooling system is performing may also be included. These evaluations reveal where improvements in energy use can be made

Why Get a Professional Energy Audit?

Some utility companies offer free or discounted home energy audits, so you don’t have to invest much to reap the benefits.

Lower Bills

Most homeowners get energy audits to save money on their utility bills. Whether you discover that the windows need weather stripping or your furnace needs a tune-up, making changes means using less energy to keep your home comfortable.

Better System Reliability

An energy audit could uncover problems with your heating or cooling systems that you didn’t know were brewing. Instead of finding out at the last minute that you need to replace an entire unit, you can address small issues right away to save yourself big hassles later on.

Stable Temperatures

Sealing areas where air has been leaking eliminates drafts and allows your furnace and air conditioner to work more efficiently. Systems that don’t have to struggle to compensate for swings in temperature run less and last longer, which saves you even more.

A Safer, Healthier Home

Potentially dangerous issues such as gas leaks or mold growing in ducts need to be addressed right away to keep your home and family safe. Energy audits catch these problems so that you can take proper measures to correct them before they threaten your health.

At Dupuis Oil, it’s our goal to make homes in MA and RI more comfortable all year long. Contact us today for a free energy audit to discover how to improve the efficiency of your home. A comprehensive assessment from one of our energy specialists will check for common sources of energy loss. Based on the findings, the specialist can make suggestions to help lower your energy bills.


Have You Been Wasting Money on Fixed-Price Fuel Plans?

How Variable-Price Fuel Plans Can Save You Money

When you buy fuel for heating, cooling and other home essentials, you’ll often be given a choice between fixed-price and variable-price plans. At Dupuis Oil, we decided to drop fixed-price plans to protect our valuable clients from unnecessary financial hardship. Before you consider a fixed-price fuel plan, you should understand how they really work.

Our Experience with Fixed Price Plans

In the past, we offered fixed-price plans for our fuel products. They were designed to help our customers save money when fuel prices rose unexpectedly. Regardless of market swings and shifts, a customer was charged the same flat rate that was agreed upon in their contract. Unfortunately, the fuel market is notoriously difficult to predict. It can fluctuate dramatically with little warning. Ultimately, fuel rates dropped, and this left both our customers and us frustrated and disappointed by financial loss. We now only offer our Daily Price and Ceiling Price plans. Instead of saddling you with a risky and potentially unfair deal, you now have the benefits of a variable-price plan that takes current market rates into account and allows you more control over your energy budget.

Benefits of Our Daily Price Plan

When you choose our Daily Price Plan, you’ll receive automatic fuel delivery and pay the posted retail price of the delivery day. If you don’t chose a different pricing option, you’ll automatically be signed up for this plan. We’ll save you time by scheduling your deliveries for you, and you can spread your cost out over the year instead of paying for individual deliveries in full. Prompt Pay and Pre-Pay discounts are available.

Benefits of Our Ceiling Price Plan

The Ceiling Price Plan helps you avoid financial hardship caused by market price spikes. It works by designating a maximum rate you can be charged for your fuel. If fuel costs rise, you’re protected; you’ll never pay more than your ceiling rate. When prices drop lower, you’ll receive the lower rate. The Ceiling Price Plan offers the same hassle-free automatic delivery schedule, the option of spreading out your annual costs and the same payment discounts as our Daily Price Plan.

Dupuis Oil: Saving MA and RI Money for More than a Century

At Dupuis Oil, we’ve been providing reliable fuel delivery service to Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts residents for more than 115 years. We attribute our success to providing the best products, services and value to our customers. Visit us online to learn how we can help you manage your budget and conserve energy through one of our variable-price fuel plans.

How to Effectively Cool Your Home, Even If You’ve Tried It All

Enjoy More Efficient Cooling with an A/C Tune-Up

Are you struggling to stay comfortable in your home despite having a functioning cooling system? Even if your air conditioner is relatively new, it may still become less efficient and effective over time. A dependable way to minimize this problem is by having tune-ups performed every year. For an affordable price, you can have a 16-point cooling system tune-up performed in the spring or at the end of the summer. By doing so, you’ll keep your system in top shape and stay more comfortable while using less energy.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Like any type of equipment, an air conditioner needs service from time to time to continue functioning properly. Waiting until something goes wrong is a surefire way to end up with a hot, sticky home–and a huge, expensive bill. During a 16-point tune-up, an experienced heating and cooling technician will inspect, clean and repair your unit to keep it up to par. The work doesn’t typically take very long, and it can make a world of difference.

Nip Problems in the Bud

So, what does an air conditioner tune-up entail? The technician will likely begin by inspecting the unit, including indoor and outdoor components. They will look for minor issues. If any issues are found, they can be resolved before they develop into full-fledged problems. The technician will clean the coils, including clearing debris from the outdoor condenser coil. They will clean or change the filter and lubricate and inspect bearings. In most cases, the condensate drain is flushed and treated as well. The technician will check the refrigerant pressure to ensure the unit is properly charged. Electrical connections will also be tightened to ward off future problems.

Performance for the Long Run

The benefits of having routine tune-ups performed on a cooling system are considerable. This work will help you catch minor issues before they spiral into major headaches. It will keep the air conditioner functioning at peak effectiveness, which will help you and your family stay more comfortable. It will also maintain and even improve the efficiency of the equipment, which will result in lower utility bills. Finally, routine maintenance of this kind helps to extend the longevity of air conditioning equipment, allowing you to avoid having to replace your system for many years to come.

Routine air conditioning service is sure to make a difference when it comes to the indoor comfort of your home. Dupuis Oil has provided the residents of Rhode Island with quality energy products and services for over 115 years. If your cooling system could use a tune-up, give us a call now or visit our website to learn more.

How to Make Dupuis Referral Rewards Work for You

Dupuis Energy Truck

Spread the word to cut your heating bills

Dupuis Oil offers a referral program that rewards our customers for telling friends and other acquaintances about us. When you successfully refer someone who orders fuel, you’ll earn a $25 discount. We’ll subtract this money from the bill for the next oil delivery that you request. If the current price of fuel is $2.37 per gallon, this means that you’ll receive 10.5 gallons for free!

How it Works

We’ve devised an easy way to refer new customers. When you find someone who shows interest in using Dupuis Oil, please fill out the form on our referral rewards page. You’ll need some basic contact information for yourself and your friend. Remember to ask for the other person’s full name, postal address and phone number.

Who to Refer

To save time and achieve the best results, it’s important to only enter details on familiar people who might want to use Dupuis Oil. Make sure that they have the right kind of heating equipment and own their homes or pay for fuel separately from the rent. Only type in contact information for individuals who would definitely recognize your name. Think about referring family members, neighbors, friends or co-workers.

Best Practices

17 out of 20 people trust the recommendations of their relatives and friends, according to Nielsen. However, your acquaintances are more likely to become Dupuis customers if you can offer a genuine testimonial. It’s best to order at least two oil deliveries before trying to refer anyone. This way, you’ll be able to tell people about our customer service and delivery speed.

Try to discuss Dupuis with a friend before completing the referral form. Rather than mentioning the company at random, wait for acquaintances to talk about heating their homes or businesses. Take the opportunity to describe your experience with Dupuis. When someone shows an interest in switching to our company, ask if they’re willing to help you earn a credit.


Your friends rely on you for helpful advice, so it’s crucial to only recommend businesses that you trust. Dupuis Oil has supplied Rhode Island customers for over 100 years. We reliably delivered oil throughout each decade, even when shortages occurred in the 1970s. Locals depend on us to keep their homes warm at affordable rates.

Basically, our referral program benefits everyone. You’ll save money on fuel, we’ll gain new customers, and your friends will learn about our top-notch heating and cooling services. Please visit our website’s referral rewards page to start earning bonuses. To schedule a fuel delivery in RI or southeast Massachusetts, contact us today.

Dupuis Gives Back to the Rhode Island MS Society

MS logo

Schedule heating and cooling services and we’ll donate $100 to the National MS Society

Multiple sclerosis, better known as MS, is a debilitating disease about which most people know very little. Even scientists aren’t sure what causes irreversible nerve damage and symptoms that vary in each patient. More than 2.3 million people between the ages of 20 and 50 cope with MS daily. As the immune system attacks nerves in the eyes, brain and spine, patients experience numbness and weakness, vision loss, tremors, dizziness, incontinence and shooting pain.

If you know someone who suffers from MS or if you have been diagnosed yourself, you understand how difficult it is to live with symptoms that fluctuate daily and change as the disease progresses. At Dupuis Oil, we realize how important it is to support MS sufferers and to fund research that can benefit millions of people. That’s why we are making charitable donations of $100 on behalf of new customers. This special offer is available to new and existing members of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of RI and the New England Chapter of the National MS Society.

All you need to do is open a new account with Dupuis Oil and tell us that you’re an MS member. Then, we’ll make a donation on your behalf, but that’s not all. You’ll also receive discounted rates on all fuel purchases, including natural gas, heating oil and propane. We’ll take 10 cents off our per gallon prices, and we’ll donate an additional 10 cents to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of RI for each gallon sold, so you can keep making a difference every time you fill your fuel tank.

We would also like to invite customers to sign up for e-billing. If you agree to receive invoices by email, you can join our customer rewards program. You’ll earn four rewards points for each gallon purchased. Fill a 500-gallon tank, and you’ll earn 2,000 points or $20 in rewards that you can use for a preventive maintenance plan, HVAC repairs or to lock in rates.

To learn more about MS and how a donation can support medical research and benefit the public, visit The National Multiple Sclerosis Society website. If you’re interested in learning more about our heating and cooling services and fuel delivery programs, contact us. We’ll be happy to arrange service and provide more information about our charitable contributions and special offers.

Summer Cleaning Tips for Your Heating and Cooling System

Cleaning air conditioner

Ensuring that your HVAC is ready to take on the warm weather

It’s no fun to sweat out summer days because your AC unit broke down. Scheduling a tune-up before the hot weather sets in helps to prevent problems that can lead to an uncomfortable season. Both one-time maintenance visits, and seasonal plans include a checklist of important tasks that ensure optimal HVAC operation when it’s scorching hot outside. Combine a professional visit with your own “spring cleaning” and your AC will be good to go all summer.

Change the Filters
An HVAC maintenance professional can change your AC filters in the spring, but you should check them yourself every month as well. Most filters need at least a cleaning between maintenance visits, and some need to be changed monthly. Clean filters keep debris from being blown around your house and preserve the efficiency of the cooling unit.

Test the Thermostat
To make sure that your AC turns on when you need it, crank the thermostat down to a few degrees below where you set it for the summer. If you have a zoned system with multiple thermostats, don’t forget to test all of them. It’s also important to check the functionality of programmable thermostats to ensure that the electronic components are still in good working order.

Clear the Drainage Hole
All AC units have a drainage hole down at the bottom of the cabinet. This prevents the moisture that the unit draws out of the air from building up and causing damage. Check the hole for clogs and clean it out if necessary.

Keep Everything Clean
Air vents and floor registers pick up debris and can benefit from a deep cleaning before the summer cooling season. Fire up the vacuum to get rid of surface dirt, and then grab a rag and some household cleaner to clear out the crevices. Extremely dirty vents might need to be removed and soaked in soapy water or a cleaning solution to remove stuck-on grime.

As part of a professional tune-up, your entire HVAC unit as well as the ducts should receive a thorough cleaning. Accumulated debris reduces the efficiency of the system and can actually shorten its lifespan if left unchecked. A clean unit also creates a cleaner indoor environment since dirt isn’t being recirculated every time the AC runs.

When you’re ready to schedule your springtime HVAC tune-up, contact us at Dupuis Oil. Our service plans ensure that your home cooling equipment is set to go when the warm temperatures arrive. Serving homes in RI and MA, Dupuis Oil is ready to provide top quality service to maintain the efficiency of your cooling unit and ensure that it performs well throughout the season.


Take Advantage of Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Programs

So, you own a home, or maybe you recently purchased a home. You’ve done a few cosmetic DIY projects, but now you want to dig deeper. You’re interested in adding value and reducing monthly expenses, specifically making your home more energy efficient. Where do you begin?

Improving HVAC Efficiency

Installing a new heating and cooling system is a great place to start. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, otherwise known as HVAC, can have a huge impact on your monthly expenses. If the current HVAC system you have in place is not up to par, it can literally be sucking hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars from your wallet every year.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but a new HVAC system might cost me a lot more than that.” You wouldn’t be wrong. HVAC systems can be a costly upfront investment, but luckily there are green initiative programs that have been created to help RI homeowners become more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Rhode Island has a number of energy efficiency programs to help homeowners transition from old, inefficient heating and cooling systems to new, cost-effective and energy saving HVAC systems. These programs come in the form of low interest loans, grants, and tax incentives. You can learn about the programs on the State of Rhode Island’s website here. The State of Rhode Island also offers homeowners a free energy audit, so you can find out exactly where energy is being wasted and how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

For some homeowners, improving their HVAC systems have reduced monthly energy bills by 20% or more. The average monthly electric bill in Rhode Island is $86. Saving 20% on that bill every month would save you a couple hundred dollars each year. Keep in mind that some heating systems use natural gas instead of electric. If you’re in that boat, you know how the cost of natural gas can cripple your winter budget.

As a resident of RI, you know just how much the weather can vary. With bitter northeast winters and brutal coastal summers, you want a heating and cooling system that is up for the job. Find out how Dupuis Oil can help you install the best heating and cooling system for your RI home and request a quote today.