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Buying or Selling an Oil-Heated Home

Make Sure Your System is Dependable and Safe

Oil is one of the most dependable residential heating fuels. In fact, almost one third of homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island use it. Homeowners benefit from oil heat’s efficiency, safety and reliability. Nonetheless, equipment failures and fuel leaks can result in major expenses. It’s crucial to take precautions when you purchase or sell a house that features this type of heating system.

Check the Equipment

You can avoid buying a faulty furnace or boiler by having an oil heating specialist inspect the furnace system. Home sellers can reassure potential buyers by having their oil heating system inspected and serviced prior to putting the house on the market. Although furnaces sometimes need new burners and other costly components, technicians can correct many problems by simply cleaning the equipment or replacing fuses.
Homebuyers beware: a heating system may be in good working order, yet still be inefficient by design. This can translate a high recurring cost of operation. Check the annual fuel utilization efficiency score when you look at a furnace or boiler. A high AFUE rating means that the system generates more heat efficiently as it burns a gallon of fuel.

Efficient furnaces don’t have wasteful pilot lights, and they feature dual heat exchangers. However, high AFUE scores don’t guarantee affordable heating. The equipment may burn too much oil if it has leaky or uninsulated ducts. This can also occur when homeowners install unnecessarily powerful systems. So, it’s essential to have the system evaluated by an experienced professional.

Oil Tank Maintenance

Most heating oil tanks may never develop a leak. Nevertheless, it’s vital to exercise caution. A leaky unit could necessitate a costly and disruptive cleanup project. To reassure possible buyers, test the soil under a tank before selling your house. If you plan to buy a home, ask for recent proof that no leaks exist.

Buyers and sellers may accurately evaluate a tank’s condition with ultrasonic testing. This technology uses audio waves to thoroughly examine interior surfaces. Unlike a soil test, ultrasonic testing reveals problems that could cause leaks in the near future. It identifies internal corrosion, cracks and metal separation.

Use caution when buying a house with an underground fuel tank. Many units consist of metals that don’t resist moisture well enough to prevent leakage. At the same time, an underground location makes it hard to detect minor leaks or rust. Home insurance companies often refuse to pay for the cleanup. It becomes easier to sell a house if you remove or decommission the tank and install an aboveground unit.

Contact the Experts

Dupuis Oil offers valuable services for homebuyers and sellers. Our skillful technicians inspect, upgrade, repair and tune up heating systems. We also maintain fuel tanks and perform ultrasonic testing. Dupuis has reliably served Massachusetts and Rhode Island homeowners since 1898. Visit us online to learn more and to schedule an appointment today.