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Why You Need a Free Home Energy Audit

Improving your home’s energy efficiency will reduce your energy bill

Is your heating bill too high? Are you concerned about cold drafts in your home during the winter months? Before you invest in new appliances or insulation, you should get a free home energy audit, and maximize your savings through thrifty improvements to your home.

What are Energy Audits?

Energy audits, sometimes called energy assessments, determine how buildings consume and use energy. By identifying inefficiencies, an energy audit can give you guidance in making your home better for you and the environment. The EPA claims that homeowners can save between 5-30 percent on their energy bills every month by making their property more energy efficient.

What Happens During Energy Audits?

A professional energy auditor will begin by looking at your energy bills. Next they will use tools such as infrared cameras to conduct health and safety inspections to pinpoint areas where energy is being wasted. After the assessment, the auditor will give you a comprehensive energy report with suggestions for improvements. Such suggestions may include replacing your water heater, investing in ENERGY STAR products or switching to natural gas. If you get an energy audit from a full service company, they can immediately start making the upgrades you need.

Where Can I Learn More About Energy Audits?

The EPA has more information about energy audits and how they can improve your home. The Propane Gas Association of New England, the State of RI Energy ResourcesOil Heat America and the American Energy Coalition are also tremendous resources for homeowners looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency. The best time to get an audit is before temperatures drop below freezing so that you can make the necessary preparations for winter, however even a mid-winter audit is valuable as it can outline issues that warmer weather may not highlight.

Capitalizing Your Audit

When you’re ready to lower your bills and make your home more energy efficient, an energy audit will point you in the direction of needed improvements. Dupuis Energy can help you make any of the adjustments to your systems that the audit uncovers. As a full-service company, we deliver propane and natural gas to customers and take care of all their heating and HVAC needs. Our focus on energy conservation and customer service has made Dupuis Oil the premier supplier of energy products and services to homeowners in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts for over a century. Visit the Dupuis Oil website or call us now to start making your home more comfortable all year long.