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3 Big Tips for Saving Money on A/C This Summer

Affordable Cooling Remains Within Reach

Air conditioning makes hot summer weather seem far more pleasant. However, higher electric bills may put a big dent in your bank account during July and August. American homeowners spend almost $30 billion per year on A/C, according to the Department of Energy. Luckily, you can cut this cost by changing how you use the equipment and upgrading your home in certain ways. Follow these three tips to enjoy a summer without financial headaches.
1. Don’t overcool your home

If you wear light clothing, you’ll probably feel comfortable when you adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees. Don’t set it to the lowest temperature in an effort to cool your home more quickly. This technique squanders energy and doesn’t actually work. Remember not to place anything warm or hot next to a thermostat. For instance, the heat from a nearby computer could affect its readings.

2. Always adjust the thermostat before you depart

Don’t waste power by maintaining a low temperature while you work, shop or attend classes. If you often forget to follow this tip, consider installing an automated thermostat. Programmable units adjust the temperature according to your daily schedule. You might prefer a smart thermostat if your work hours frequently change. These devices allow people to control A/C systems with smartphone apps. Some models can use sensors to detect your presence.

3. Add insulation to walls and ceilings

Insulation doesn’t just keep homes warm in the winter. It can also shield your house from hot summer temperatures. Consider installing it in the attic or a garage below your living quarters. Remember to conduct thorough research; excessive insulation could create moisture problems. Injection foam products generally yield the best results. Be sure to seal any cracks or holes in the exterior of the home, as well, to eliminate any thermal losses.

The heating and cooling professionals at Dupuis Energy offer a number of services that reduce A/C expenses. Our air conditioner tune-ups enhance efficiency and reliability. We install modern ductless systems that greatly decrease power consumption. Our technicians can also perform a free home energy audit and determine if your house needs better windows or insulation. We serve customers across southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Please contact Dupuis to learn more.