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7 Signs You Need a Heating System Tune-Up

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Prepare Your Furnace for Winter Now And Prevent Heater Breakdowns Later

Fall furnace maintenance has a high return on investment. It keeps equipment warranties in effect and optimizes system performance for energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort. It prolongs the life of your HVAC, prevents up to 95 percent of unexpected breakdowns and can reduce operating costs by up to 40 percent. Here are seven warning signs that you need furnace service:

  1. Energy bills are on the upswing: Are your fall and winter utility bills creeping higher by the month? This can be a red flag that your furnace is losing efficiency and is working twice as hard to keep your home comfortable.
  2. You’re not comfortable: Does your heater take forever to warm up the house when it cycles on? Do you feel cold no matter how high you set the thermostat? Is the air from your vents only lukewarm, or do you have hot spots, cold spots or drafts? This indicates that the system isn’t functioning optimally. It might be coated with grunge that limits its power to deliver sufficient warmth, or there might be a problem with your thermostat.
  3. Your furnace makes weird noises: Odd noises can mean broken or loose parts. Continuing to operate the unit can cause enough damage to bring the system down.
  4. The burner flame is yellow: The burner flame on your furnace should be blue. If it’s flickering or another color, it might be burning inefficiently or have a carbon monoxide leak.
  5. There are foul smells coming from the vents and puddles around the heater: This usually means that the condensate drain is clogged and the condensate drain pan is polluted with mold or bacterial slime. Ignoring the problem could result in ceiling leaks, drywall damage, indoor air contamination or system breakdown.
  6. You have weak airflow: There might be leaks in your ductwork, or your air filter might be clogged. Leaky ducts can increase energy costs by up to 30 percent while a clogged filter can damage the motor so severely that you need furnace replacement.
  7. Your home is excessively dusty: This usually means that the furnace is dirty and needs a good cleaning.

What’s Included in Furnace Maintenance?

typical maintenance visit will include the following services:

  • Overall safety inspection
  • Checkup and calibration of controls
  • Thorough equipment cleaning
  • Checkup of gas or oil connections, burner combustion, heat exchanger and gas pressure functions
  • Condensate drain line and drain pan cleaning
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Checking and cleaning the pilot light
  • Changing the air filter
  • Inspection of motors, belts and blowers
  • Flue pipe and chimney draft inspection
  • Lubrication of all moving parts

If you live in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, Dupuis Energy can prepare your gas or oil furnace for cold weather. Our heating system maintenance plans can keep your HVAC healthy, save you 25 percent on any repair costs and save money on utility bills too.