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Air Conditioning Service Plan

Dupuis EnergyAn AC Service Plan is a Good Idea

When the most uncomfortable days of summer arrive, you want your air conditioning system operating at peak performance. This is why our Service Plan is designed to give our customers what they want most – an efficiently running and dependable air conditioning system.

Why Consider Our AC Service Plan

Normal usage and general wear and tear can make your HVAC system work harder. Airborne dirt and debris will clog filters and affect proper and efficient operation.  This can also result in greater-than-normal wear on fans, motors, and other moving parts within the system. This makes an annual maintenance program very important for your system. We service all types of systems including; central, split ductless, and high velocity. Keep your system running smooth and energy efficient all  summer long.

Benefits of Our Service Plan

  • 13 POINT COOLING SYSTEM TUNE UP: The tune up will reduce the
  • likelihood that your equipment will malfunction during the hottest days of summer.
  • PRIORITY SERVICE during normal business hours.
  • 10% DISCOUNT ON PARTS AND LABOR: Parts and filters normally included with the tune-up are free with the plan. Other parts and labor will be discounted at 10%. (Discount does not apply to system upgrades or a system replacement. Other exclusion may apply.)