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Are Your Air Ducts Wasting Energy?

Detecting leaks with a home energy audit saves money and resources

Are leaking air ducts compromising the efficiency of your HVAC system? Air leakage from ductwork is a major contributor to high energy bills and can make your home less than comfortable during the winter season.

Consequences of Leaky Ductwork

When air is forced through a leaky duct, the pressure can cause more air to leak out than if you were to cut a big hole in your wall. This means a compromised duct system may reduce the efficiency of your heating system up to 30%. Leaks in ducts that supply the house cause a negative pressure balance that pulls chilly air in from the outside. A return-duct leak reverses the pressure and pulls warm air from the house into the ducts. In both cases, you’re losing valuable heat and your heating system has to use more energy to bring the house to the desired temperature.

Detecting Leaks With a Home Energy Audit

How can you figure out where you’re losing all that heat? Have a professional technician come in and do a home energy audit. These specialists are trained in a variety of testing options that are designed to pinpoint the source of your home’s energy loss. Airflow testing uses a specific pressure reading to determine duct tightness. Air leakage detectors can show whether hot or cold air is coming into the house. Another test uses a blower door to depressurize your home and draw air in from leaking areas.

What to Do About Those Leaks?

The results of an energy audit will give you an idea of what changes are necessary to fix your leaking HVAC ducts. The most obvious options are to reattach any ducts that have separated and seal visible holes. Insulation adds an extra layer of protection by preventing loss through heat conduction, especially in ducts that run through unconditioned areas of the house such as the attic or basement.

Once your ducts are secure, regular maintenance of your home heating system ensures optimal function in all weather conditions. Establishing a maintenance routine offers peace of mind because technicians can detect problems with your ducts or heating system before they have too much of an impact on your heating bills.

If you suspect leaky air ducts are to blame for your high energy bills, contact Dupuis Energy for a free home energy audit. Our specialists can identify parts of the ductwork in your HVAC system that have been compromised, and they perform the necessary repairs to increase your home’s efficiency. Serving homes around our RI and MA locations, Dupuis Energy is fully equipped to handle the upgrades and repairs your system needs.