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Heating Oil System Maintenance Plans

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a frigid morning and finding out your heater doesn’t work. Especially with extreme winter weather looming around every corner, having a reliable heater is not only for your personal comfort but your family’s safety as well.

When it comes to having a reliable heater in your home, routine maintenance can make a significant difference in your heater’s longevity. At Dupuis Oil, we believe in offering versatile plans to fit your specific heating needs. While each plan has different options, both of them provide 24-hour protection every day of the year, ultrasonic tank testing and discounts on replacement parts and labor. Here’s a quick overview of our two maintenance plans:

The Conservation Maintenance Plan – If you only use 500 gallons of fuel oil or less per year, then our Conservation Maintenance Plan is designed for your heater. We start with an important safety inspection that complies with your specific tank’s manufacturer recommendations. This plan also includes an annual tune-up where our technicians perform routine maintenance on your unit. This service allows our team to check your system over for any potential wear and tear. In addition, a quality tune-up helps your heater operate more efficiently for another year.

The Premium Maintenance Plan – This plan is for homeowners who use more than 500 gallons of fuel oil per year. Basically, our premium package includes everything in the Conservation Maintenance Plan but covers additional parts and labor. If your heater is old or if you live in area where you use your heater a lot, then you’ll be glad to know that the following parts and labor are completely covered in this plan:

• Barometric Damper
• Boiler Service Switch
• Burner Blast Tube, Coupling, Delay Valve, Motor, Nozzle Assembly, Pump or Transformer
• Control Aquastat, Combination relay, Fan limit, Hi limit, Lo limit, Pressuretrol, Primary or Stack relay
• Electrical Firomatic
• Flue Pipe (up to 10 feet)
• Gauge Glass & Washers
• Oil Filter Complete

Additional Coverage Options – If you are really concerned about your heating oil tank, you may want to consider some of our additional coverage choices. These add-ons would be above and beyond the Premium Maintenance Plan. For instance, you can also have the following parts and labor fully covered in your plan:

• Back Flow Preventer
• Blower Bearings, Fan belt, Motor, Pulley or Shaft
• Circulator Complete Expansion Tank
• Flow Check
• High Vent
• Low Voltage Transformer
• Pressure Reducing Valve or Pressure Relief Valve
• Switching Relay
• Thermostat (Non Programmable)
• Zone Valve Complete (Water Only)

Whatever plan you choose, you’ll save a lot of time and money by having your heater maintained professionally. Still have questions? Feel free to visit our website today for additional information.