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Natural Gas Installations & Heating Services

Dupuis EnergyRegular maintenance can keep your natural gas equipment running at peak efficiency, which extends your system’s life span and helps you save on heating costs. Schedule a tune-up or inspection today, and learn how our natural gas service can help you optimize your home heating system. Contact us online or call 401-722-0080 for more information.

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Annual Heating System Tune-Ups

Extend the lifespan of your natural gas heating system simply by scheduling your tune-up and safety check each year. We service all types of natural gas equipment and our annual tune-up will keep your system running at peak efficiency, reducing your heating costs and improving your home comfort!

Equipment Installations

You can reduce home energy use by up to 49% by replacing you’re an old furnaces or boiler with a high-efficiency natural gas appliance. Modern natural gas heating systems typically have the highest efficiency ratings among systems of all fuel types. Our expert technicians can install or service a wide variety of natural gas heating systems. Install a new system in your home to save on your energy costs and improve your home comfort!