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Ultrasonic Tank Testing Does More than Protect Your Oil

A quick and inexpensive way to tell if your heating oil tank is ready for the winter season

Winters in MA and RI can get cold quickly, and when the temperature dips below freezing, you want to know that you can rely on your home heating system to perform at its best. Ultrasonic testing can determine the condition of your heating oil tank and tell you whether or not maintenance needs to be done to ensure your home stays warm all season.

What is Ultrasonic Testing

Using a series of sound waves calibrated to the type of material being examined, ultrasonic testing detects the thickness of a material to pinpoint potential abnormalities. What does this mean for your heating oil tank? An ultrasonic test can show if corrosion has been eating away at the metal inside without the tank having to be physically removed and inspected. It can also detect structural problems such as cracks or places where the metal may be separating. The method works with a variety of metal types including those that are coated or lined.

Benefits of Tank Testing

Ultrasonic testing is non-destructive—that is, no parts of your tank have to be taken off or any pipes detached. All the inspector has to do is use a gauge to send sound pulses through the metal. This offers nearly instantaneous feedback on the condition of the inside of the tank and has been proven to be accurate with a very small margin of error. Since the method is so simple and quick, it’s a cost-effective way to learn the status of your home heating system and whether or not it needs attention before winter well and truly sets in.

Why bother having your tank tested in the first place? Consider how much oil the tank holds when it’s full. Liquid in general is heavy, and oil even more so due to its viscosity. A tank that has been slowly corroding over time will develop weak areas that may not be able to handle the influx when you get your first oil delivery of the season. This could result in a catastrophic tank failure at a time when heat is most needed. Oil spills pose a serious hazard to your home and cause environmental damage that can take years to correct.

As you can see, a structurally sound heating oil tank is important to ensure home safety. Dupuis Energy can give you peace of mind by performing regular inspections and tune-ups of your home heating system.