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Which Natural Gas Heating System is Best For You?

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Four major options to consider and compare

Many New England residents choose natural gas because it provides a convenient, economical heating solution. Around 50 percent of Rhode Island homes use this fuel, according to federal data. If you decide to install gas equipment, you’ll need to compare several different types of heating systems. The most appealing option differs depending on your personal priorities and the design of your home.

Gas Boilers

A boiler heats water rather than air. Most systems use baseboard heating units to distribute warmth. Installers put copper pipes with fins in low-profile metal housings that run along walls. These systems have somewhat higher minimum efficiency ratings than furnaces or steam-based equipment. They also help to conserve space. Unlike furnaces, boilers can efficiently heat water for sinks and showers.

Some systems supply steam for traditional radiators. They tend to deliver greater comfort than the alternatives. Many units feature attractive, old-fashioned styling. You might choose a radiator-based system if you want your equipment to complement the interior of an older home. On the other hand, these heating units may occupy too much space in small rooms.

Radiant Heat

Some buildings contain tubes that carry hot water through their floors. It’s easier to install the equipment when constructing a home, but you can also add it to your current house. This relatively expensive option might prove desirable if you favor complete silence, need to conserve space and don’t want to cover the floor with thick rugs.

Gas Furnaces

Numerous systems burn natural gas in an effort to directly heat indoor air. Ducts and a powerful fan distribute warm air throughout the building. Consider installing a furnace if you also want to add a central air conditioner, dehumidifier or humidifier. It can share the ductwork with this equipment. A downside is that air ducts take up a lot of room. It’s best to install them when building a new home.

Manufacturers offer standard, two-stage and modulating systems. To maximize comfort and efficiency, select a modulating furnace. It can regulate natural gas consumption with great precision. A standard unit costs the least but operates much less efficiently; consider buying one for a seasonal home. Two-stage models provide an appealing compromise for residents of moderately cold places like Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Contact Natural Gas Heating Professionals

The professionals at Dupuis Energy can help you pick the most suitable equipment for your home. We install, maintain and repair many different systems. Our company has met the heating needs of New England residents for 119 years. To learn more about natural gas heating equipment or services, please call Dupuis Oil or contact us.