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5 Ways To Save Energy This Summer

The summer season is almost here. Before heat makes a comeback, get the energy-saving tips you need to know to keep your home cool without blowing your budget.

With this year’s cooling season about to be in full swing, now is the perfect time to start thinking about bringing down your energy expenses. While turning down your thermostat is the most obvious way to save money on energy, it’s also the least comfortable. Cutting cooling costs is important, but you don’t want to do it at the expense of your comfort. Fortunately, there are plenty of other things you can try before you fall back on shutting off the air conditioning, starting with the five effective energy-saving tips below.

1. Show Your Air Conditioner a Little More Love

Just because your air conditioner is running doesn’t mean it’s running at top capacity – a big difference when you’re trying to save money. To perform at their best daily, air conditioners need regular maintenance that includes filter replacements, professional servicing and interior cleanings.

2. Don’t Let Cool Air Escape

If your energy costs seem high, invisible air leaks might be the culprit. When your home isn’t properly insulated from the outside, cool air can easily flow out, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime to keep up with the thermostat. Calling in expert help to identify leaks can save you money in the long run.

3. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats may be pricey, but what you pay upfront will cover months of energy savings, so it helps to think of the initial expense as an investment. Some of the perks you can find in the latest models include powerful energy-saving features like cross-platform integration, remote controls and custom temperature programs.

4. Buy a Better Cooling Unit

Like smart thermostats, energy-efficient air conditioners are expensive but well worth the long-term savings. What many people don’t know is that some efficiency upgrades and replacement HVAC systems may qualify for substantial tax credits, which means you can potentially multiply the overall savings on your purchase while you invest in a greener, more valuable home.

5. Get Paid By Your Utility Company

Another little-known fact is that more and more utility companies are running special programs that ask customers to conserve energy during peak season in return for cash. On the company’s end, this works because saving energy is far cheaper than paying for blackouts and backup equipment.

Do you struggle with high energy bills in the summer? Visit Dupuis Energy to learn more about our energy-saving AC service in MA and RI.

The Cost/Benefits of Choosing Oil Or Natural Gas

Which Fuel Is Right for Your Home?

How do you heat your home? Many residents of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts use home heating oil. However, there’s another choice that you may not be aware of: natural gas.

Neither oil nor natural gas is inherently superior to the other. They’re simply two common fuel types that each have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re deciding which fuel to use in your home, you’ll want to weigh them on their merits.

Relative Cost of Oil and Natural Gas

Cost is a critical component of any home heating decision. Although the relative costs of oil and natural gas have fluctuated over time, the trend is clear: Natural gas is significantly cheaper than oil. As of early 2015, oil was about 25% more expensive per BTU – the standard unit for measuring heat energy – than natural gas. This is largely due to the fact that U.S. natural gas production has exploded in recent years, creating a supply glut that has pushed down prices. Most experts expect natural gas prices to remain low for the foreseeable future.

It’s worth noting that the cost of oil has also come down considerably in the recent past. It’s not clear whether this is a transitory drop or the start of a longer-term trend. If it’s the latter, oil’s cost-benefit calculus could change significantly.

Benefits of Oil Heat

Oil heat has many benefits. First, it typically has cheaper startup costs. Many homes in our region are equipped with oil-burning heating systems that only require modest, low-cost maintenance from time to time. By contrast, it often takes a lot of expensive renovation and installation work to add a natural gas system to a home.

Additionally, oil-burning systems tend to last for a long time – as long as 40 years, in some cases. They’re also far more efficient than their predecessors, enabling users to stretch their heating dollars much further.

Benefits of Natural Gas Heat

Aside from its lower cost, natural gas heat has some important benefits. First, it burns more cleanly than oil and produces fewer emissions. Natural gas systems are also more durable than in the past, ensuring lower lifetime ownership costs. Finally, natural gas delivery can be less complicated than oil delivery in areas without an established oil-heating infrastructure.

Learn More About Oil and Natural Gas in MA and RI

Choosing between oil and natural gas is not a clear cut decision. Although we’ve done our best to outline the costs and benefits of each fuel type, we understand if you still have questions or concerns about which one is right for you. At Dupuis Oil, we have over a century of experience to draw from, and we would love to share our knowledge with you. To learn more about the relative merits of oil and natural gas or to schedule a free consultation with one of our home fuel experts, contact us today!

Don’t Blow a Gasket!

How to Keep Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System Safe and Reliable

Home heating and cooling systems are quite durable. They’re designed to perform for years or decades without serious failures. However, that doesn’t mean they can operate indefinitely in the absence of proper system maintenance.

Whether you don’t feel like you can afford routine maintenance or simply feel too busy to give your system the attention it deserves, allowing your maintenance timetable to slip could end up costing you more in the long run. Worse, it could put your family’s safety at risk.

The Dangers of Improper System Maintenance

The highest-probability danger associated with improper or lackadaisical system maintenance isn’t exactly a “danger.” Rather, it’s the threat of an unexpected repair or replacement bill caused by a preventable, wear-related problem. By following a recommended maintenance schedule and ensuring that potential problems are addressed quickly, you could reduce your lifetime system costs by 50% or more.

Aside from the potential for significantly higher repair and replacement costs (financial danger), the physical dangers of improper system maintenance include:

•    Potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks in old, poorly maintained boilers and furnaces
•    Oil leaks that could contaminate your basement and the surrounding soils
•    Gas leaks that could flood your house with flammable vapors, dramatically increasing the risk of an explosion
•    Burst or leaky pipes that could damage your home’s basement and living spaces, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs

How to Maintain a Heating System

Regardless of your fuel type, the most important element of routine heating maintenance involves checking all connections. Loose or leaky connections can result in fuel loss, carbon monoxide leaks and other serious problems that threaten your health and raise system costs. It’s also critical to check your fuel pressure and confirm that your heat exchanger is working properly.

How to Maintain a Cooling System

Typical cooling system maintenance tasks include:
•    Clean all coils
•    Clean and check the blower for proper function
•    Adjust refrigerant levels as appropriate

For both system types, you should also check for proper thermostat function, lubricate any and all moving parts, ensure that all drains are free of obstructions and check the strength of all electrical connections.

Learn More About Natural Gas Heating in RI and Southeastern MA

If you’re still wondering about the best maintenance program for your home’s heating and cooling system, we’re happy to answer any lingering questions you might have and provide expert guidance as you near a decision. To learn more about everything we can do to keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the year, call us at (800) 322-5025 or fill out our online contact form today.

Celebrating 117 Years of Service

In an age when businesses come and go, you don’t hear of many companies that really stand the test of time. Dupuis is proud to say that we’ve been in business since 1898; that’s 117 years of providing reliable service for our Rhode Island and Massachusetts residential and commercial customers. Here’s how it all started.

Our Beginning

Our founder, Frank Dupuis, started the business in 1898 as a local steam-fitting and plumbing company. As such, we installed heating equipment in many Rhode Island landmarks including hospitals, college campuses and hundreds of homes. Eventually, our plumbing services were phased out. In the 1940s, oil became the top choice for home heating, so we focused on becoming a full-service oil company. The 1970s were marked by the oil embargos. Under the management of our third Dupuis generation, we survived the first of the embargoes with no interruptions in service. It was also during this time that we moved our offices to Pawtucket.

A Philosophy that Stands the Test of Time

We attribute our success and longevity to a simple philosophy; we provide the best products and services to our customers, and meet their individual needs with a variety of comprehensive, hassle-free service contracts and plans. Our dedication extends to the environment; we take a responsible approach to energy conservation, and help our customers do the same. Because we care about the well-being of our local community, we give back by supporting organizations such as the Children’s Shelter of Blackstone Valley, the Special Olympics, the Pawtucket Foundation and the Arc of Blackstone Valley.

Where We’re Headed

Over the years we’ve expanded to provide even more options for our customers. For example, we now offer propane delivery and system service, natural gas service and air conditioning service. We also install state-of-the-art heating and cooling equipment to provide year-round energy efficiency and comfort. We plan to stay involved in the community, and keep our staff trained in applying the most recent technologies. Going into our fourth generation, we’re committed to meeting customer needs with the same high work ethic and determination that has kept us on top for more than 100 years.

A Century of Trust in MA and RI

Whether you just joined our community, or you’re moving into a new home, we’re here to help. Offering you more than a century of expertise and reliable service, Dupuis Energy will make sure that your oil and gas delivery services are set up smoothly and meet your needs perfectly. Visit us online to learn about our rewards programs and great pricing plans.