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Enjoy the comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability of heating your home with oil. The foundation of our business, home heating oil delivery has provided warmth to our customers for more than 122 years. We would like to share with you why so many homeowners continue to choose Dupuis as their Full Service Oil company.

Benefits Of A Full Service Oil Company

Security is the primary benefit with a full service oil company. Our team at Dupuis oil assures our valued customers that we are prepared to keep their heating systems operating properly & efficiently all year round.

  • Automatic delivery-weather is unpredictable!
  • Protected oil price plan option-Avoid unforeseen price spikes!
  • Comprehensive service contracts
  • 24/7 emergency service- qualified, knowledgeable, licensed Dupuis Technicians on call for all of your emergencies

Available Services

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Be worry-free each winter by choosing our automatic heating oil delivery service! We use a degree day calculation and your homes k factor to predict when you will need your next fuel delivery. This way, you will never have to think about when you order your oil or worry about running out of fuel.

Annual Heating System Tune-Ups

Did you know that you can save up to 10% each year on your fuel costs simply by making sure your heating system is properly maintained? Our technicians perform thorough tune-ups that ensure safe and efficient system operation.

Equipment Installations

Upgrading to a modern oil heating system can save you an average of 30% per year on fuel usage. Also, new oil heating systems boast life expectancies twice as long as natural gas or propane heating systems if properly maintained. Give us a call for more information on how an installation of a new system in your home can help you save and improve your home comfort!

Service Plans

Enrolling in a Dupuis Oil Maintenance Plan will protect your home and give you greater peace of mind that your heating system is covered from the unexpected. We offer two different Maintenance Plan options as well as a water heater service plan and extended oil tank replacement coverage.

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For more information on our heating oil delivery & maintenance services Call 401-722-0080 or Contact Dupuis Oil. We proudly service Rhode Island ( RI ) and Southeastern Massachusetts ( MA ). Click here to see our delivery service locations.