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Looking Ahead to Winter 2014 in the Northeast

Are more frigid temperatures on the way?

As you probably remember, last winter brought heavy snow and unusually cold conditions to the Northeast. AccuWeather reported that it was colder than any season since 1994. Next winter doesn’t officially begin for a couple of months, but some meteorologists have already started to publish their predictions. Unfortunately, many of these long-term forecasts suggest that powerful snowstorms and extreme temperatures will make a comeback in December.


The Old Farmer’s Almanac has issued seasonal outlooks for specific cities throughout New England. It calls for extra snow in Providence, Boston and New Bedford. The almanac expects most of it to fall after early December and before late February. This winter may combine major storms with frigid temperatures. The OFA anticipates unusually cold weather in December and January.

Other meteorologists generally agree with the almanac. Weather Advance has released a preliminary forecast that calls for more snow and rain than average. Likewise, The Weather Centre predicts that northeastern states will experience heavy snow accumulations and particularly cold temperatures. Forecasters at the National Weather Service, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather have yet to issue winter outlooks for 2014.


If these predictions hold true, the harsh winter could have a major impact on people and businesses throughout the Northeast. Cold weather might result in higher energy consumption and rising fuel prices. When Americans spend extra money on snow removal or energy, retail sales often decrease. This situation may also force your local government to use more tax dollars to maintain roads and heat public buildings.

Getting Ready

Long-term forecasts remind us that there’s still enough time to prepare for bitter conditions. First, remember to perform any necessary building repairs before freezing temperatures arrive. Try to save money for extra heating fuel and plowing services. Think about buying warmer outdoor clothing, studded tires or a snowblower. If you own a small business, set aside some cash to prepare for slow sales during January and February.

Don’t forget to service and clean your furnace to ensure that it performs reliably in cold weather. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll need costly emergency repairs. You can also minimize heating expenses by sealing cracks or adding more insulation to your home. A home energy audit could identify the best ways to cut costs. Consider switching to a less expensive fuel or purchasing a more efficient boiler.

Dupuis Energy helps MA and RI residents get ready for winter. We service HVAC systems, deliver fuel and install efficient heating equipment. Our company has more than a century of HVAC experience in New England, so you can rely on us for dependable service. Dupuis Energy’s affordable maintenance plans and complimentary energy audits help reduce winter heating expenses.