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Take control of your home heating oil prices

At Dupuis Oil you can choose from a great selection of pricing and payment plans. Each gives you the convenience of automatic delivery, where we carefully monitor your usage and local weather patterns to make sure you always have the fuel you need. Select the plan that works best for you—then have greater peace of mind all year long!

Fuel Pricing Plan Options

Daily Price Plan

With this option you receive automatic delivery of home heating oil, at our posted retail price of oil on the day you receive it. If you are a Dupuis Oil Customer and you have not secured another pricing option, you automatically receive the Daily Price Plan. The Prompt Pay Discount is available with this plan! Pay in full within 10 days and receive a 10 cents per gallon discount.

Ceiling Price Plan

Our Ceiling Price Plan protects you from home heating oil price spikes with a “ceiling” on the rate you pay for your fuel during the heating season October 1st through May 31st. If fuel costs rise, you won’t pay more than your ceiling rate. You also benefit when market prices drop below your ceiling rate. You receive the lower rate – it’s a win – win situation! There is an Enrollment fee required per gallon, but you choose the amount of gallons that you want to protect. The Prompt Pay Discount is available with this plan! Pay in full within 10 days and receive a 10 cents per gallon discount.

Pre Pay Program

The pre pay program give you an option to receive a $.20 per gallon discount on your fuel. In order to receive the discount you are required to:

  • Pre pay for at least 80% of your average annual gallons used
  • Make your payment in full before October 1st
  • Maintain a credit balance on your account

Normal Billing: If no other payment plan is selected you simply pay your balance in full within 20 days from the receipt of your invoice.

Easy Payment Plan

Instead of paying in full with each heating oil delivery, we estimate your annual fuel cost and spread it out into 11 or 12 easy payments beginning in July or August. We can also include your service plan in the total due for the year. The Prompt Pay discount is not available with the easy payment plan. Any credit or balance is settled before the new plan year.
You can sign up to have you monthly payments taken directly out of your checking account or applied to the credit card you have on file.

Payment Method Options

Auto Credit Card

Dupuis accepts all major credit cards and ach payments. You can sign up for auto payment and have your invoices paid automatically with the credit card or checking account listed on your account directly after a fuel fill or service. Which will always insure that you receive the prompt pay discount.

Pay on your Web Account

All your account information in one place.

Download the Dupuis Energy App on your Smart Phone

All your account information in one place.

If you’re interested in receiving our home heating oil prices Call 401-722-0080 or Contact Dupuis Oil. We proudly service Rhode Island ( RI ) and Southeastern Massachusetts ( MA ). Click here to see our delivery service locations. We look forward to hearing from you.