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Tips That Will Come in Handy If Your AC Breaks Down This Summer

Why Wait for the Worst to Occur When You Can Be Prepared?

Among all of humankind’s great inventions, air conditioning is by far one of the most pleasant. No more must you dread the coming of summer. Instead, you can simply relax in total comfort. When your AC fails, however, it doesn’t take long before you begin to wonder why your primitive ancestors ever left the shady forests of their origins.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer just because your wonky air conditioning is making you feel like you’re living in the Stone Age. Use these basic pointers to keep cool until you can get help from an expert.


Keep Some Fans Around
Your body deals with excess heat in various ways. For instance, your skin undergoes energy transfer processes like radiation, conduction and evaporation to reduce its temperature so that you feel cooler. Fans aid this process by bombarding you with air molecules that act as outlets for all of the heat energy that your skin is trying to shed.

Fans are also a cheap standby alternative to portable air conditioner units. Of course, if your electricity is out, you can always buy a hand fan for some on-the-spot relief. This solution works especially well if you have kids with extra energy to burn.


Check the Simple Things
Climate control hardware is a complex system of components that all perform specific functions. Although some parts, like motors and electronics, are too dangerous for homeowners to mess with, others are basic enough that you can try some quick maintenance.

For instance, the refrigeration process that lets your AC cool the air around you produces condensed moisture that typically drips from a pipe leaving your air handler unit. Take a look to see if dirt or vegetation might be blocking this outlet.

Another straightforward remedy involves changing your air filters. As filters become clogged with debris, AC fans have to work harder to draw air through them, which can strain these appliances. For this reason, it’s usually wise to have extra clean filters on hand before you start relying on your cooling system to deal with summer heatwaves.


Tweak Your Surroundings
If none of the previous solutions work, then what should you do? Helping your home keep the heat out is a good start. For instance, covering windows during the day is a smart way to stop the sun from transforming your surroundings into an oven. This strategy is even more effective if you use mylar emergency blankets or regular thick quilts.

At night, crank open all of the windows. Turn on the fans to draw in as much cold air as possible, and arrange them in a way that lets air circulate throughout your entire residence.


Call for Help
If there’s one vital survival tool that you can’t afford to go without this summer, it’s a repair service’s contact information. Calling in the professionals as early as possible is the easiest way to minimize your suffering. To learn more about staying prepared, visit Dupuis online.